Tequila Rose is on sale now!

Tequila Rose is on sale now!

It’s release day and I am so happy! Tequila Rose is on sale now!

Snag a copy here https://geni.us/Zi0eahr
Audio listeners! Check it out! Sebastian York and Lidia Dornet narrate: https://geni.us/GiNVd
Once again Willow Winters created characters that the reader instantly falls in love with while at the same time hooking them into a storyline and not letting them go. This might be a quick read but it certainly leaves you breathless and at the same time hanging on for more. – Nicki – The Overflowing Bookcase

This will captivate you from the first page & leave you wanting more at the last one. The chemistry between these two is off the charts hot. This is a well written & very entertaining story. – Paulette Alphas Review

He tasted like tequila and the fake name I gave him was Rose.
Four years ago, I decided to get over one man, by getting under another. A single night and nothing more.
I found my handsome stranger with a shot glass and charming but devilish smile at the end of the bar. The desire that hit his eyes the second they landed on me ignited a spark inside me, instant and hot. He was perfect and everything I didn’t know I needed. That one night may have ended, but I left with much more than a memory.
Four years later, and with a three-year-old in tow, the man I still dream about is staring at me from across the street in the town I grew up in. I don’t miss the flash of recognition, or the heat in his gaze.
The chemistry is still there, even after all these years.
I just hope the secrets and regrets don’t destroy our second chance before it’s even begun.
Get Tequila Rose, on sale now!
It's release day

It’s release day and I couldn’t be happier

It’s release day and I couldn’t be happier. And I Love You The Most is live and the This Love Hurts Trilogy is completeIt’s release day and I couldn’t be happier. And I Love You The Most is live and the This Love Hurts Trilogy is complete!


It's release day


Do I have the paperback of it? … nope.
I am tired and behind but dammit I did it! I wrote the perfect ending to this story that has been in my head for over three years and I am loving the reviews while I cuddle my little one and do my best to stay awake.
THANK YOU all so so much! I may be a mess but I am a happy mess and so grateful for today! 😘😘
Start reading the trilogy with This Love Hurts: https://geni.us/30Zky
Snag a copy of And I Love You The Most: https://geni.us/khmbP
An epic tale of both betrayal and all-consuming love…
Marcus, the villain.
Cody Walsh, the FBI agent who knows too much.
And Delilah, the lawyer caught in between.
Happy binge reading dark romance lovers!
Romance Readers are AMAZING!

Romance Readers are AMAZING

Romance Readers are AMAZING! Look at what you’ve done! I am so happy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
As most of you know, Live a thousand lives is a charity foundation I created and I’m so grateful for all of the wonderful authors in this charity collection.  So far with I Have Lived and I Have Loved (all new short stories with HEAs donated by myself and 17 other wonderful authors), we’ve raised enough to deliver over 200 easy-to-use audio players pre-loaded with a generous selection of classic books to those with low or no mobility in hospitals, nursing facilities, and care centers.  See more at liveathousandlives.com – Purchase an Audio Player here!

Another charity collection update (for the Ronald McDonald House) that makes me smile so darn hard is Holding onto You which is still on preorder – so far we have raised over $6,100 just in the first 10 days.  You all are HEROES!  It is an honor to be included and to share this with all of you.

Consisting of over 1800 pages and a value of more than $47 for a preorder special of $3.99, that’s a HUGE saving! Romance readers need to grab this collection while it lasts because it’s available for a very limited time. Snag it here!

Featuring authors:

Kennedy Fox | The Two of Us
Willow Winters | Possessive
Charity Ferrell | Just One Night
Emily Goodwin | Side Hustle
TL Smith | Kisses and Lies
Skye Warren | Escort
Piper Rayne | The Rival Roomies
Ashley Jade | Blame it on the Pain
Susan Stoker | Shielding Gillian
KD Robichaux & CC Monroe | Steal You
Carrie Ann Ryan | Breaking Without You

All proceeds are going to the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

I have some good news

I have some good news and some bad news.

I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news is And I Love You The Most truly is everything I wanted it to be. It’s the cherry on top of the This Love Hurts trilogy as well as fitting into its rightful place in the Merciless world. 

There are five scenes I’ve had in my mind for 2 years, for these books and three of those scenes happen in And I Love You the Most. It’s a twisty, dark, suspenseful, SEXY ride that will have your jaw dropping and your heart pounding.  I am in love with it … but, I’m still writing. 

That’s the bad news.

I had to push the release back. A second time, to February 9th. I know I have already moved this book once. Cody’s birth and the end of my pregnancy was far more energy-consuming than I’d thought it would be. But these last few weeks were incredibly trying for me. 

Marcus’s story has been with me for years now and rushing it to reach a date simply is not going to happen. I can’t do that to Marcus, Delilah or Cody. Or to myself and this vision.  I would never deliver a book to you that isn’t the book I want to read myself.  So, I’ve had to push it back. 

I will also note that This Love Hurts had issues with it’s release as well (which was scheduled during the start of the pandemic).  This entire trilogy, and Marcus has been a bumpy ride nearly every step of the way for the past year as we have all dealt with everything that has occurred.  This trilogy is my problem child. Never have I experienced this with a story.  I suppose it’s fitting then, that it’s Marcus’ tale. That’s the silver lining I can give it.  That and the fact that the story really is everything that I’ve wanted it to be. 

Thank you for your patience through all of this.  I know it’s been a trying year but it means the world to me to be able to write for you, even if it is at a different pace than I’d planned originally.