Spicy BDSM anyone?

Spicy BDSM anyone? Hold Me is LIVE!!

Spicy BDSM anyone? *Raises hands* Hold Me is LIVE!! I am so happy to bring you more of Zander and Ella. Writing this story has been like a therapy for me. I just love this couple so much. There are some super hot and spicy scenes in this one, keep reading for a sneak peek!

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Here is a sneak peek into Hold Me:

I drop the vibrator, turn her over, and drive my hips between her spread legs.  I’m conscious of her hands behind her back, and her arms, and I keep it in mind while I fuck her with primal need.  Her body is so pretty, arched for me this way.  Her neck is exposed.  As are her breasts.  I take one of her nipples and roll it between my finger and thumb.  Over and over and over.  It’s not a particularly unforgiving movement, not really, but if I do it enough, she’ll—

“Oh.”  The sound stretches out and out and out.  “Oh,” she says again.

Her voice almost pushes me over the edge, but I pull away and flip her over again.  I want to be inside her heat.  It seems like the only thing keeping me on earth.  Her hot, wet pussy trying to get me further inside.

I circle her asshole with a fingertip.  She’s helpless to stop me, and Ella shivers when I do it.  “Have you been taken here?”

“No,” she whispers.

I work a finger into her pussy beside my cock.  And then I bring it back to that tight little hole.  Ella groans when I push my fingertip in, lubricated with her arousal, and gasps when I give her the rest.

And then I grab the vibrator. One touch to her clit and she’s off, crying out, crying hard.  Coming yet again.  Her pants fuel me to keep playing, toying with her, pushing her boundaries slowly yet steadily.

I pull myself free from her as she comes down.  Giving her a moment, I take out the scissors after cleaning off my hands with a wet wipe.

“Stay still.”  The safety scissors easily cut through the bindings within seconds, releasing her body to fall onto the bed.

“Take off the blindfold.”

Ella pulls it down with shaking hands, leaving it around her neck.

“Hands and knees, jailbird.  I want you to watch the mirror now.”