A little update on me and my books…

So last week I launched the second Spanish book of my Merciless series, sin corazón, you can start reading the first book sin compasión here, launched the first issue of the comic for the Merciless series, launched a charity (Live A Thousand Lives) and wrapped up edits on But I Need You (book 2 of the This Love Hurts trilogy that launches today) … Its kind of insane.
I couldn’t do it without all of the help I have from so many people (big shout out to Sophie and my hubby here) but I want everyone who’s watching and thinking “omg how does she do that? She’s a super woman!” to know I didn’t do a darn thing for almost 3 months earlier this year. And yesterday I spent all day just thinking about scenes I want to add to a book. Literally I take time to do nothing but think because during those hours that is what I need and sometimes all I’m capable of.
It’s worth it to take the time to process everything and focus on self care. Aka, I can’t do this alone and some days, I can’t “do” anything. I don’t give myself a hard time over it. Give yourself grace. Self care is productive and we all need that right now