Let us all live a thousand lives and help others..

We can all live a thousand lives by reading but not everyone can physically hold a book to read a story. That’s why the Live A Thousand Lives Audio Players are a solution for so many.
The above video appears to be cut off at the end (it is). What I said next is, “if I could go back and give them a thousand lives, I would.”
With a team of wonderful people by my side, we created a way to – at the very least – provide books to individuals with low to no mobility with the use of audio books. We believe that a love for books should be treasured, no matter what, and that no physical condition should impede any reader from experiencing the joy of a story.
And I know other book lovers would love to have these devices! So you can enjoy your own and donate 2 in the process.
Or simply donate.
Your donation allows us to distribute audio players preloaded with 50 classic titles to individuals within the mobility-impaired community. Imagine your love for books empowering others to experience the same joy.
Donate today or purchase a Romance or a Classic audio player to contribute 2 devices with your purchase here: www.liveathousandlives.com
Your support of this charity means so much to us. A thousand times, thank you.

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