Thank you!

Thank you a thousand times!

I want to give a HUGE thank you for all of the support, I Have Lived and I Have Loved has gotten. It truly means the world to me. This project is so very close to my heart and your support offers so much to so many.

The I Have Lived and I Have Loved charity collection has been available for one week. So far, this has allowed us to prepare and donate SIX HUNDRED classic book audio players. The Brilliant Blue Audio Devices are complete with hundreds of hours of timeless novels like Moby Dick and Alice in Wonderland.

The Live A Thousand Lives charity is honored to be able to donate these devices to care facilities and nursing homes with low to no mobility patients. These patients are no longer able to hold a book themselves therefore unable to read books. In donating these devices we are allowing people to live a thousand lives and they are so very thankful.

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Binge read the collection today and help us live a thousand lives, no matter the prognosis:

Thank you a thousand times. I hope you love the collection of happily ever afters.