This is a standalone, full-length mafia romance with a filthy-mouthed, possessive bad boy. Guaranteed HEA..


His Hostage: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance

I was innocent before him, and he wanted nothing more than to ruin me.

And if I’m honest, I wanted him too, even knowing I shouldn’t.

I knew he was a bad man, it doesn’t take more than a single look to know it.

Dark eyes and a charming smile that’s made to fool girls like me.  

Still, I caved; I gave into temptation.  

And then I saw something I shouldn’t have.

Wrong place, wrong time.  The mafia doesn’t let witnesses simply walk away.

Regret has a name, and it’s Vincent Valetti.

He won’t let them kill me, but he’s not going to let me go either.