What’s the difference between the Seasonal Big Book Lover Boxes, The Willow Winters Mystery Boxes and the Ready to Ship Big Book Lover Boxes?


Our Ready to Ship Book Lover Mystery Box is filled with bookish goodies and the best books! We currently offer three different sizes of these boxes; Medium, Large & Extra Large.

Our Medium Ready to Ship Book Lover Mystery Box ($49.99) has a minimum of TWO books and bookish merchandise ranging from mugs, totes, pens and even jewellery. And we’ll give you lots of cute swag like stickers and bookmarks!

In the Large box ($99.99), you can expect TWO more paperbacks and a few more goodies.

Our Extra Large Box ($149.99) will have another TWO paperbacks and even more merch!

These boxes can be purchased anytime and can feature items that are sent out in the seasonal Big Book Lover Boxes and the Willow Winters Mystery Boxes. To find out more about our Ready to Ship Book Lover Mystery Boxes click here!

White Box


Our Seasonal Pink Big Book Lover Boxes  are shipped seasonally. These boxes are on subscription only and once they are gone, they’re gone!

These also come in three sizes; Essential ($49), Addict ($99) and Hangover ($250). Big Book Lover Boxes are filled to the brim with the best romance novels and all the bookish goodies you could need! Previous boxes have contained Mug, Car Organizers, Blankets, Kitchen and Homeware and loads more!

To find out more about our Big Book Lover Subscription Boxes click here!


Our Blue Willow Winters Mystery Boxes are also shipped seasonally and again come in three sizes. Small, Medium and Large. These boxes are on subscription only and once they are gone, they’re gone!

These boxes are all about Willow Winters. You get all the latest Willow Winters signed paperbacks and special Willow Winters merchandise and swag! They are a Willow Winters fan favorite! To find out more about the Willow Winters Mystery Boxes, click here or scroll further down the page!


There is nothing that overlaps between the Willow Winters Mystery Boxes and the Big Book Lover Boxes.


There is also a small “add on” that can go with anything chosen – a Willow or a Big Book Lover box. It’s similar to the Big Book Lover boxes but much smaller as it’s only an add on. Again, there is no overlap. More details are below!


Essential Book Lover Box [Small] Book Addict Box [Medium] Book Hangover Box [Large]
Paperbacks 2 3 7
Bookish Items
(Inculeds: totes, jewelery, bath products, mugs, etc.)
The items always vary but they’re always something you’re going to love and everything is themed for book lovers ALWAYS!
3-4 6 or more 14 or more
Reader Pack with Author SWAG!
(Includes: bookmarks, postcards, pens, pins and other fabulous goodies!)
1 1 1
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These boxes are full of surprises! Every season I will be mailing out a new box full of official Willow Winters merchandise, signed books and Willow Winters SWAG!

Boxes will be shipped out at the end of September, December, March and June!

There are three different options and you can keep that option for every season or upgrade any time! Single purchase and subscription options available.

Small Mystery Box

This box contains Willow Winters SWAG and merchandise and of course and an exclusive autographed paperback not available anywhere else for purchase.

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Medium Mystery Box

This box has all of the official Willow Winters SWAG and exclusive items from the small sized box with MORE! It includes an additional signed book plus more SWAG!

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Large Mystery Box

This includes everything and MORE! These boxes include everything in the other two boxes with the addition of a surprise exclusive piece of SWAG!

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Looking For Something a Little Different?

This box includes a MYSTERY signed paperback that Willow loves and recommends as well as book lover goodies, not Willow SWAG - not related to Willow at all. Just treat-yourself book-loving must haves! You must purchase a subscription box in order to add this upgrade!

Book Lover Grab Bag

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