Quartz Beauty Face Roller


Whether you’re looking to massage your skin, rejuvenate, or simply smooth out facial lines and wrinkles, our Quartz Beauty Face Roller is a must have addition to your daily facial care routine.

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Give your skin some TLC with our Quartz Beauty Face Roller.

Start your daily routine with your favorite facial cleanser and exfoliate the skin. After washing, rinse your face completely and pat dry. Follow your cleansing up by applying your favorite skin care oils or serum to your face and then grab our Quartz Beauty Face Roller and follow the directions below.

Begin by using the small end of the Quartz Roller for the skin around the eyes. Start by placing the roller at the inner corner  under your eye then proceed to roll outwards towards your ear. Next use the large end of the roller and move to the centre of the forehead along your hairline. Roll down towards your ear until you reach your temple. Then move to the face, again using the large end of the roller and roll along your cheekbones, lip and chin towards out towards your ear each time. Repeat each movement four to five times before moving on to the next part of the face. Skin should feel fully moisturized and soft after rolling.

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