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Here is my one-stop listing for all my Collection Paperbacks & Hardbacks. Below is a breakdown of all the books included in each collection. Happy reading xoxo


Valetti Crime Family – All five standalone novels: Dirty Dom, His Hostage, Rough Touch, Cuffed Kiss & Bad Boy

Highest Bidder Collection – All four standalone novels: Bought, Sold, Owned & Given

All He’ll Ever Be – All four of Carter & Aria’s story: Merciless, Heartless, Breathless & Endless

Irresistible Attraction – All three of Jase & Bethany’s story: A Single Glance, A Single Kiss & A Single Touch

Not My Heart to Break – All four of Seth & Laura’s story: Hard to Love, Desperate to Touch, Tempted to Kiss & Easy to Fall

What I Would Do for You – All three of Marcus’ story: This Love Hurts, But I Need You & And I Love You The Most

Secrets & Submission – All three of Zander & Ella’s story: Kiss Me, Hold Me & Love Me

You Might Be Bad For Me – All three standalone novels: It’s Our Secret, Possessive & A Kiss To Tell

Small Town Big Rumors – Complete duet for Magnolia: Tequila Rose & Autumn Night Whiskey

You Are My Reason Duet – Complete duet for Mason & Julia: You Are My Reason & You Are My Hope

You Know I Love You Duet – Complete duet for Evan & Kat: You Know I Love You & You Know I Need You

Just One More Touch – All three standalone novels: Burned Promises, Second Chance & Tell Me To Stay

Simply Irresistible – All three standalone novels: Inked, Tempted & Mr. CEO


The Merciless World collection comes with All He’ll Ever Be, Irresistible Attraction, Not My Heart to Break, What I Would Do For You, Secrets & Submission and You Might Be Bad For Me

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