Love the Way You Kiss Me (Coming May 2021)


With everything I’ve been through, and the unfortunate way we met, the last thing I thought I’d be focused on is the fact that I love the way you kiss me. 


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Love the Way you Kiss Me is an all new romantic suspense from bestselling authors W Winters and Amelia Wilde.

Releasing May 25th! Snag your copy today –

I was born into luxury and used to getting what I wanted.
What I desired most, with my life in disarray, was the man who sat across from me.
He was tall, dark and handsome, but, most notably, forbidden.
It made every accidental touch more sinful and every session more addictive.
There was so much tragedy and he was supposed to fix me.
I shouldn’t have wondered how it would feel to be trapped under his broad shoulders.
I shouldn’t have focused on the way he licked his bottom lip every time his gaze dropped from mine and roamed my curves.
I shouldn’t have dreamed about him breaking the rules to comfort me the way I desperately needed.
I did though, and I was the first one to break.
He was my protector and my confidant and then he became my lover.
I teased him, tempted the two of us and now there’s no way to take it back.
With everything I’ve been through, I didn’t expect to fall for him.
There’s only so much heartache I can take.
No one can know, not a soul, but secrets in the life I lead never last for long.
Love the way you Kiss Me is book one of the Love The Way Duet. Love the way you Hold Me is book two.

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