Merciless Graphic Novels


These graphic novels are inspired by the USA Today best selling Merciless series.




The Merciless Graphic Novels are inspired by the USA Today bestselling Merciless Series.

I should’ve known she would ruin me the moment I saw her.
Women like her are made to destroy men like me.
I couldn’t resist her though.
Given to me to start a war; I was too eager to accept.

But I didn’t know what she’d do to me. That she would change everything.
Her innocence and vulnerability make me weak for her and I hate it.
I know better than to give in to temptation.

A ruthless man doesn’t let a soul close to him.
A cold-hearted man doesn’t risk anything for anyone.
A powerful man with a beautiful woman at his mercy … he doesn’t fall for her.

Volume 1, Volume 2 & Volume 3 are available now.

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