Pretend You Love Me


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Pretend You Love Me is a short, exclusive dark romance I wrote for Prolific Works, you can read the ebook here for free!


All I have to do is pretend.  When the lights go out and the chill of the cell creeps in, I know I must go along with everything he says.

His sharp gaze fades into the darkness, and nothing else matters but surviving this moment.

I’ll do all he asks.  I’ll obey every command and submit on my knees.  There’s not an ounce of me that’s willing to risk losing more than I already have.

All he desired was revenge, and now all he desires is me.

This mafia story is an explicit abduction romance with violence and dubious consent.  It’s short and provocative, with a jaw-dropping twist.  The tale’s decadent darkness allows us to escape into the fantasy.  Please be mindful of these triggers prior to reading.

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