Sealed With A Kiss




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We made a deal… one I thought I’d never make.

I’m trying not to judge myself but it’s a bit shameful.

Rent was due and I simply didn’t have it. I love the big city and I’ve done everything I could to make it. But after a rough few years, a break up that nearly destroyed me, and a personal issue that I just can’t talk about… I’m broke and hit rock bottom.

Then there’s Graham.

Richer than most could ever imagine, devilishly handsome with a charming smile, and a sparkle in his eyes that I swear is just for me.

He owns the building and now, once a month when the rent is due… he gets a piece of me I can’t believe I agreed to give.
His lips on mine are addictive and the way he groans my name in pleasure is scorched into my memory.

We sealed it with a kiss and I’m all too aware that the next rock bottom for me will lead to nothing but despair and a broken heart.

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