Tempted is a full-length romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger. Contains TWO featured stories Blitzed and Bad Girl for your continued reading pleasure!



I'm heartless and cutthroat. It's just the way I was raised.

I had no regrets. Until she showed up.

It started with her old man. That stubborn bastard set me up. He knew what he was doing. I fell for her before I even heard her voice. 

What was he thinking, trying to set her up with a prick like me?

She's too good for me. I should've walked away. But every time she told me no, it only made me want to chase her more. 

And now I'm f*cked. She's f*cked. 

I'm trouble, that's all I am, and I brought that to her doorstep.

She's gonna hate me. But she's not leaving. 

She tempted me; now she's mine.