Under His Reign


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Under His Reign is a standalone novel in the Bestselling To Be Claimed World!

From the best selling author of To Be Claimed and All He’ll Ever Be, Willow Winters, comes the next gripping fantasy romance with heat and lust in this twisted tale.

Power and riches mean nothing if you have nothing to live for.

A lifetime of wealth beyond imagine and a throne to rule have kept the pain at bay. With a tragic beginning I was prepared for a tragic end: the death of our kind and the final reign of the dragons.

And then there was her.

She’s only a pawn in a greater war, a captive and completely at my mercy.

Her striking eyes are filled with hatred, but she can’t hide her heat. And I can’t hide my desire. Nor can I contain a fire I thought had long ago been extinguished.

I will burn the world before I let anyone take her from me.


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