Just A Little Crush


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Just a Little Crush is an exclusive short story I wrote for Prolific Works. You can snag the ebook now for free here!


I had to convince myself it was just a little flirtation between us.  

When I first met her at the bar, she was already taken. 

She was my younger sister’s friend from college who was moving to our small town after graduation.  Smart and beautiful, with a smile that made me feel things I’d never felt before, I was hooked instantly.  My pulse would race and I found myself eager to make her laugh, to have her brush against me, even if it was only friendly flirtation.  Before I knew it, I turned into some schoolboy with puppy love just at the sight of her.  

I thought: this feeling won’t last.  I shouldn’t be thinking about settling down.  She’s just a passing fascination. 

But she kept coming around and that desire never went away. 

The timing was never right.  We became too close, too good of friends to risk anything. 

Neither of us ever crossed a line, and at some point, I started to believe it really was only a harmless little crush.  

Until one night, I kissed her …   

This is a cute and sexy friends-to-lovers romance.  Enjoy!

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