Live A Thousand Lives Donation


We believe that a love for books should be treasured, no matter what,
and that no physical condition should impede any reader from
experiencing the joy of a story.

Your donation allows us to distribute audio players preloaded with 50 classic titles to individuals within the mobility-impaired community.   Imagine your love for books empowering others to experience the same joy.

Donate today or purchase a Red Hot Romance or a Brilliant Blue Classic audio player HERE to contribute 2 devices with your purchase.

Supporting this charity means so much to us.  A thousand times, thank you.

Earn up to 100 Points.


Our audio players provide a simple interface, easy to navigate controls and an easy-to-handle design. Whether physically impaired or typically-abled, they offer hundreds of hours of audio enjoyment.

Cost effective and easily replaced our audio players can be loaded and reloaded again and again with thousands of titles.  Each classic audio player comes prepared with 50 audio books ready to listen and everything you or the recipient could need.   The stories you love, the classics you treasure, the page-turners you’ve yet to discover… compiled on a convenient mp3 player for your listening pleasure.

This initiative touches our lives personally. We know we are just a few of many. If someone close to you struggles with mobility challenges, you can request an audio-player on their behalf. We believe changing the world begins at home.


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